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The versatile LadderLimb™ makes so many tasks so much easier, whether it's cleaning out gutters, washing the RV, painting or repainting the house, cleaning your windows or pruning trees and bushes... you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Holds up to 22 lbs!

Easy to use
The LadderLimb™ is a simple, easy-to-use device which fits effortlessly into any of the hollowed rungs at either the left or right hand side of a ladder and at any height.
Fits most Ladders and Step-Ladders
LadderLimb's tapered rubberised ‘limb' fits most modern ladders and some stepladders and is a worthwhile step towards making so many up-ladder tasks safer and easier to do.
Works at any Height
The tapered, rubberised ‘limb' of the LadderLimb fits snugly into the ladder, holding whatever is attached to it securely in place.
Versatile Clasp Feature
The handle of your bucket, tool bag or paint can is clipped onto the sprung clasp at the end of the hand grip.
Secure and Adjustable
The tapered, rubberized ‘limb' of the LadderLimb fits snugly into the ladder, holding whatever is attached to it securely in place. And, when you wish to work at another height, the LadderLimb™ can be easily and effortlessly withdrawn and placed into another rung.
Easier for Everybody
LadderLimb™ allows you to work with three points of contact making it simpler to work at height. Because the LadderLimb™ fits into the left or right hand ladder rungs, it doesn't matter whether you are left or right handed.
Holds Up to 22 lbs!
The LadderLimb has been rated to accept weight loads of up to 22lbs


  • Sean Wilkinson, Wilkinson & Son
    "In my opinion you have created one of the best straight forward devices to improve ladder safety over the last 15 years. Every trades person who works up a ladder should have one as their vital 3rd hand helper. I have recommended you to a friend of mine and with many connections within the trade."
  • Ricky Meredith
    "I think what you have done for painters is what cats eyes have done for drivers"
  • Great Product
    "We have tried out the Ladderlimb and I know already what a great product it is, so much sturdier than any metal hook we have used in the past. Very well made so should endure the rigors of professional trade use and last for years."
  • Every trades person
    "Every trades person should have one"